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The Greater Copenhagen region

Why the Greater Copenhagen Region
The region has been carefully selected based on its underlying economic fundamentals in combination with the team’s local knowledge, extensive network and experience.

Cross-border region
Greater Copenhagen region is a cross-border region comprising eastern Denmark and southern Sweden. The region has the highest density population in the Nordics and the largest labour market. Roughly 26 percent of Sweden’s and Denmark’s combined GDP is generated in the region.

In 2029 it’s estimated that the Fehmarnbelt link*, one of Europe’s most extensive construction projects to date,
will be completed. The 18 km tunnel (train/road) will connect Rødbyhavn on Lolland, Denmark with the island of Fehmarn in Germany. By train the travel time between Copenhagen and Hamburg will be 2.5 hrs.

The Greater Copenhagen region at a glance

  • 4.4 million inhabitants
  • 85 municipalities
  • 4 regions
  • 17 universities and colleges
  • 19 research parks
  • 190,000 students
  • 200,000 companies
  • 7 commercial airports

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