Amaron Real Estate Fund​

Investment objective

The Amaron Real Estate Fund is a Swedish alternative investment fund, AIF. The fund will build the core of its investments within the commercial real estate sector; office space, industrial properties, logistic properties and real estate for public use. Typically, the assets will range between SEK 40-200 Mn. The fund may also pursue opportunities and development opportunities in the residential sector.

The Greater Copenhagen region, one of the most attractive regions in the Nordics, has been carefully selected based on its underlying economic fundamentals in combination with the team’s local knowledge, network and experience.

The ultimate fund value is expected to be SEK 4-6 Bn and the indicative duration of this closed-end fund is expected to be ten years.

Fund objectives

Attractive risk-adjusted returns combined with long-term capital growth.

  • Coupon
    An annual coupon of minimum 4 per cent paid quarterly, portfolio development realized at exit

  • Return of investment
    Generate an average return on investment of 10-15 per cent annually (including coupon)

  • Leverage
    The long-term leverage use is set to 50 per cent LTV

  • Asset Allocation
    Focus on commercial properties such as office, industrial, logistic and public residential properties and projects

  • ESG
    Sustainability requirements applies to the fund as well as to the property management and technical maintenance

Amaron Real Estate Fund – Fund structure